Vaccination is one of the most effective and efficient ways to protect your children from the disease.

Growth and Development

Caucasian mother playing with baby on changing table

Growth – is a process of change or an increase in physical size such as weight and height, circumferences of the head and chest over time.



Well-balanced nutrition will help prevent disease and promote health. Nutrition is also essential for the growth and development that happens throughout lifespan. Is your child eating well? Let’s talk about your child’s diet with a doctor and get a solution.

Breast Feeding


Responds better to vaccination. Breast feeding helps to mature the immune system and decrease the risk of childhood cancer.

Common Illness


Ears and Tonsils Infection, HFMD (Hand Foot and Mouth Disease), Cough/Bronchiolitis, Eczema/Atopy, Fever

Seasonal Illness


Dengue Fever, Heat Stroke, Haze in Malaysia


Baby checkup

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