About HIBARI Clinic

Does your clinic perform infant medical examinations?

Yes, we provide the required routine check-up.


My child had been given some of the required vaccinations, is it possible for us to get back the same vaccination as our home country?

For children, there are minor differences in terms of types of vaccinations and required doses. In our clinic, almost all kind of vaccinations are available. Please feel free to contact us for various vaccination needs and its schedule.

I would like to get vaccination that is necessary for living in Malaysia?

Please contact us for the availability of vaccine that you required, we will order the necessary vaccine upon your request.

Is a reservation necessary for vaccination? How much is the vaccination?

We encourage reservation as we do not keep high volume of the stocks for most kind of vaccination due its expiring date. Please contact us directly for detailed prices.

Medical Image Interpretation Service

Can I receive Medical Interpreter service without diagnostic report or medical Image of CT / MRI?

The hospital provides medical result or medical image of CT/MRI as personal information when you underwent various inspections or medical examinations in Malaysia. In order to use this service, we need the medical image of CT scan or MRI. Please prepare the image before the services

Is it covered by health insurance?

It will be available at your own expense.

Is it possible to use the medical results that was received few years ago for this service?

It is desirable to have the most recent medical results for better interpretation. In addition, it is possible to perform medical tests in our clinic if data such as blood test or urine test is required.

Remote Mental Care Service

Does it ensure a user’s privacy?

The user’s privacy in protected. You can refer to our clinic personal information protection to fortify the effort taken by the clinic as a responsible medical institution.

Will there be any medicine prescribed to me?

We will prescribe medicine if deem necessary by our doctor.

Patient Medication Instruction

I would like you to prescribe the same medication as provide by another clinic. Is it possible to receive the medicine only?

It is necessary to see the doctor in order to obtain the medicine, please indicate your desire medicine to our doctor during the consultation.

Will there be any medicine prescribed to me?

We will prescribe medicine if deem necessary by our doctor.


Is it available for me to receive treatment from Doctor with travelers insurance and use credit as collateral or using the oversea travel insurance?

Yes, it is available. However, for travelers insurance with a credit card as collateral for overseas travel insurances, the detail coverage maybe different depending on type or condition. Please contact credit card service before visiting the clinic confirm the coverage and the possibility to have direct billing service at our clinic. In addition, for oversea travel insurance, the details of coverage maybe different by type and condition. Please check your insurance card or certificate for details coverage and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

I have overseas travel insurance, would you accept direct billing?

Yes, we accept direct billing. However, the procedure to use direct billing maybe different depending on your insurance company. There are cases that it may not covered by insurance company depending on the symptoms. Please be aware of this constraint before visiting us.